Feb 28, 2014

Lucidity was made in 2014 by former Guild Master Spacecrumbs, along with Tuaro and myself as co-founders. the Guild Master role was quickly passed over to me, then Tuaro during my leave for Korea, then returned back to me. once it became clear Tuaro could not stay active. and therefore i, Seraphinush, am the current and seemingly final Guild Master of Guild Lucidity.

Lucidity thrived ever since pre-65 days, when Archetype aka. Visionmaker III was the best-in-slot gear. guild runs in the 10-man instance Rift’s Edge are one of many fond memories, extending further into post-65 patch’s 5-man instance Bathysmal Rise, Shadow Sanguinary, and more.

Many named players emerged from Lucidity as well, and was sanctuary to many others as we held open arms for all friendly faces. unfortunately while we did try to sustain guild activity, having issues with game progression, questionable patches released from Bluehole Studios, and server instability, Lucidity slowly but surely declined to become inactive.

At this moment of my post i would like to appreciate all those who have come and gone – Lucidity would not have been the same with you all.

Lucidity today (2020.03.21) is inactive and will be inactive until further notice.